I love stories… to read stories, to tell stories, to hear other people’s stories. But most of all I love God’s Story. His Story is the story. The one we are all living inside whether we see it or not.

God’s story was never meant to just be read but to be experienced. The truth is, instead of just reading all about it or hearing all about it, we can live all about it.  God invites us to step inside The Sacred Story to become part of an epic adventure unfolding in our time.

On such a journey of adventuring with God we open Scripture as a sacred treasure map, guiding our steps into the glorious riches of the Kingdom of Heaven.

How do you read scripture? Do you devour it? Does it stir you deep down in your gut?  Do you find yourself coming alive within it’s pages? Captivated by its words?

What if you did? What would happen?

I’d love to invite you to join a simple journey of daily Bible reading  following the Life Journal reading plan. The SacredStory.com is a digital space to explore living an adventurous life inside God’s grand narrative.

Because His Story is worth living.

Jenna Livingston is currently Executive Pastor at Valley Christian Center, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Life Pacific College, and loves to study the Word. She is mama to 4 incredible souls, wife to a true man of God, and a dreamer who loves to read, garden, pray and play.