We’re all invited to step inside The Sacred Story. This epic tale began at the dawn of time and continues today. God invites you to play a part. He’s calling His people to live awakened, captivated lives, where the epic pulses into the everyday. Because, dear friends, God’s Story is still being written upon our earth today – through your life and mine.

Most of us would probably say we read Scripture. But do we devour it? Do we let it stir deeply inside us?  Do we come alive within it’s pages?

What if we did?

I’d love to invite you to join a simple, but life-shaping, journey through the Bible this year following the Life Journal reading plan.  Subscribe to this blog (if you dare!) and we’ll step inside God’s Word together and find ourselves living out it’s greatest adventures!

Jenna Livingston is Pastor of Family Ministries at Valley Christian Center, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Life Pacific College, and loves to study the Word. She is mama to 4 incredible souls, wife to a true man of God, and a dreamer who loves to read, garden, pray and play.