Worship Response Stations

Interactive Worship To Ignite the IY Generation

1. The Invitation

God personally invites each of us to step into His Sacred Story.  This generation is ripe and eager to be part of something so epic it captivates their imagination and ignites their sense of purpose. They were made for real life adventures! By setting up quality Worship Response Stations and inviting our kids to interact with God for themselves, we open doors for them to carry their own everyday lives into the Story of God.

Worship Response Stations open doors for our kids to step right inside God’s Story.




2. The Experience

The iY Generation is growing up surrounded with i-devices. Touch screens and responsive apps encourage interaction.  This generation likes to be involved and immersed: to see, to touch, and to do; they want to be part of the story and to explore it for themselves. Our kids need more than to just hear about God, they need to encounter Him. Worship Response Stations make space in our worship gatherings for kids to practice hearing God’s voice and responding in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Worship Response Stations allow our kids to experience God for themselves.


3. The Connection

Worship Response Stations encourage repeated interactions with God. Those experiences blaze pathways of connection between their heart and God’s.  They need to know they can pour out their hearts to God and experience His comfort. Participation driven Worship Stations cultivate these relational moments that bond a kid’s heart to God’s. Our job is to prepare the experience, stand back, and allow God to work.

Worship Response Stations connect our kids’ hearts to God’s.


We have set up a number of Worship Response Stations in our Kids and Youth rooms. You are welcome to “take a tour” and look around for ideas and encouragement to try some out in your own home or church.

Wall of Belief


Wall of Blessing


Family Tree


The Great (Co)Mission Station