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God is Builder

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Listen, All you who are pouring your lives into something meaningful. All this mess, all this crazy, means you are doing something right. Things wouldn’t be so hard if you weren’t fighting for something real. Something that matters. Apathy is easy! But apathy is not for you. You are doing hard things because they are […]


Jesus is Baptizer

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At 5:30am that morning I got the text that a pipe had leaked in the baptismal and all the water had flooded the Sanctuary. The maintenance team grabbed fans and towels and began trying to dry out the carpet in that area. But what about baptism? We had 8 people ready to go. As we […]


God Reveals Himself

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When I was a teenager I told myself by the time I was 40 I would drive a black Lexus with gold trim. I thought driving such a flashy car would mean I was a success in life. Well, here’s the thing. Tomorrow is my 41st birthday, and although this is the last morning I will wake up as a  40-year-old, […]


The Lord is There

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Who hasn’t asked (or yelled, or wept), “Where are you God?!”. Maybe it  comes out when life presses in or when suffering nearly suffocates. Sometimes our spirit whispers it when we are desperate for a miracle. So where is God? Where is God when things don’t line up? Where is God when things fall apart? In the crazy […]


God Rewards Those Who Seek Him

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What kinds of sensory experiences make you feel most alive? I love the smell of lavender, coffee brewing in the morning and pine forests. I savor the taste of fruity green tea and dark chocolate. I rest in the sound of rain, the sight of firelight and the feel of warm sand on the skin. God gifted us with these 5 senses to explore, experience […]


Jesus Fills

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Modern marketing campaigns broadcast a continual unspoken message in hopes the world’s watchers will buy: life is empty without ______. (Fill in the blank with whatever calls out to you: this car, that purse, those shoes…). Commercials, magazines, pinterest, and social media flash images of “the good life” with exotic vacations, dream backyards, good looking families, mouth watering […]


Jesus Makes The Broken Whole

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Today I feel broken. Up late wracked with the stomach flu and the guilt of yelling at my kids, I didn’t have the strength to hear this morning that our last working vehicle needs thousands of dollars in repairs and two people I love dearly are struggling with major health issues. Brokenness. It’s something we’d rather run away from, […]


God Is Rescuer

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Let’s be honest. Sometimes we just need to be rescued. From ourselves, from bad choices, from circumstances, from attacks. I can’t fix all my problems or make it all better. Sometimes I’m a mess; life is a mess; situations are a mess. So what can we do about that? We can remember who our God […]


God Fights For You

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Trouble can find us when we least expect it: a bill in the mail, a bad report from the doctor, a toddler meltdown, a traffic jam,  an angry friend. In moments when our world swirls around us or our vision swims before us we have two options: to focus on the difficulty, or to focus […]


God Reveals The Way

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There is a trail in Yosemite my family recently hiked for the first time. It was quite ambitious for a family with young children, but we hitched up our resolve and leaned into the hard climb. When our kids grew tired, we encouraged them. My husband eventually lifted our youngest onto his shoulders to carry […]